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FEB Usakti Fast Track Program

The Fast Track Program is an educational program that allows students to complete studies at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels within¬† 5 (five) years maximum. This program is designed for students who have above-average academic achievements and are highly motivated and wish to undertake further studies for a master’s degree. The program allows Undergraduate students to take master courses in the 8th (eighth) semester. There for, this program is intended so that graduates have superior quality and they are well able to face the social, and cultural, world of work and technological advances.


Facilitating education for students who have superior academic abilities and have high motivation to continue in the Master’s Degree Program with a faster study completion time.

Accelerate the increase in the number of superior human resources at the Master’s level.


  1. Students of Undergraduate who have superior academic achievements and have high motivation to continue on to the Master’s Degree.
  2. Students of Undergraduate who have entered from the start have chosen to take part in the Fast Track program from Bachelor to Masters Degree.


  1. Students are able to graduate at the bachelor-master level faster than other students in general.
  2. Students can further explore the results of their thesis at the undergraduate level by continuing as their final project in the Master’s Program.
  3. Producing superior graduates who are ready to compete in the workforce.

Beban Studi

Study Load

  1. The study load for the undergraduate degree is 144 (one hundred and forty-four) credits
  2. The study load of Fast Track Program students at the master’s level is 44 – 45 credits
  3. The study load must be completed in the Undergraduate Program within 7 (seven) semesters, and then 3 (three) semesters in the Master’s Program..




The undergraduate Students who are willing to register for the accelerated fast track program at the beginning of semester 4 (four) must:

    1. Active Status for the student at FEB Trisakti University.
    2. Attach KHS/grade transcripts for 3 semesters with a minimum IPS of 3.25 with a minimum grade of all courses B.
    3. Fill out the registration form and Statement of Ability to Fund Tuition (SPKPP) signed by parents.
    4. Submit proof of payment for term 1 for the Master’s Program in the amount of IDR 5,000,000 (five million rupiahs)

The Students who already registered for the Fast Track program must meet administrative requirements and pass an interview test at the end of semester 7 with the following conditions:

Administrative requirements

  • Minimum TOEFL score at 450 (the recognized TOEFL is issued by FETEC, EF, LIA, ILP)
  • Minimum TPA score at 425 (recognized TPAs are those issued by TRIEBI FEB Usakti, Oto Bappenas, PLTI)
  • Obtain recommendations from 2 (two) lecturers with doctoral degrees with the lowest academic position as a lector

Interview Test

  • Interview tests are held to determine student motivation to join the fast-track program.

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