LMS Febiola

LMS Febiola

LMS FEBIOLA is a Learning Management platform owned by FEB USAKTI to assist Lecturers and Students in conducting virtual learning. FEBIOLA is designed with the Moodle application, the LMS can be accessed via any device. The appearance of the FEBIOLA website has various features and can be tailored to the needs of the users.</p?



Towards an International standard Faculty while still in accordance with local values in developing science to improve the nation’s quality of life


  1. Increase the participation of Trisakti University in producing human resources who have intellectual abilities, international standards, and have the Trisakti Trisakti character through education and teaching activities;
  2. Increase research activities to develop science, technology, and art based on local values to answer national problems and improve the quality of life and civilization;
  3. Increasing the participation of Trisakti University in supporting community and industry needs through community service activities;
  4. Increasing the commitment of Trisakti University to upholding Good University Governance.


FEBIOLA Manual Book for Teacher

FEBIOLA Manual Book for Student

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