Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Towards a reliable international standard faculty while keeping the local values in developing knowledge to improve the nation’s quality of life.

The formulation of our vision contains three main things to be achieved up to 2030 due to the Trisakti University Development Master Plan document. International standards, local values, improving the quality of life of the nation.

International standards mean that the Tridharma activities of Higher Education at the Faculty of Economics and Business are aimed at developing competitiveness by organizing faculty management that meets the qualifications of the Five Stars University version of QS Stars in 2030, Implementation of International Standards at the Faculty of Economics and Business in the form of membership of the Association to advance collegiate schools Business (AACSB) and Aun Quality Assurance with the aim of equalizing quality at the international level.

Keeping to the local values implies that the faculty keeps the local values. These local values cover three domains: 1) the realm of interpersonal relations; 2) the realm of human relations with nature, and 3) the realm of the human relationship with God.

Improving the quality of life of the nation implies that the ultimate goal of higher education at the Faculty of Economics and Business is to return the results of the process of implementing Tridharma of Higher Education to the community, namely the creation of increasing quality of life for the Indonesian people on par with other nations in the world.



  1. Increasing the participation of the Faculty of Economics and Business in producing human resources who have intellectual abilities, international standards, and have Trikrama Trisakti character through education and teaching activities.
  2. Increase research activities to develop knowledge based on local values in order to answer national problems and improve the quality of life and civilization.
  3. Increase the participation of the Faculty of Economics and Business in supporting the needs of the community and industry through community service activities.
  4. Increase the commitment of study programs to support the upholding of good governance in managing tridharma activities.


  1. Realizing the vision, mission, and goals through increasing understanding by stakeholders and making it a guide for the implementation of the Higher Education Tridharma.
  2. Graduates students who are knowledgeable, virtuous, intelligent, healthy, independent, creative, innovative, have Trikrama Trisakti character, have social sensitivity, are able to work together, communicate and develop an entrepreneurial spirit (Entrepreneurship) that is fair, wise, respect the diversity of the nation, and has the power global competitiveness.
  3. Improving the qualifications and competencies of international standard human resources in order to increase the nation’s competitiveness.
  4. Realizing an academic culture that spurs self-development through a productive, effective, and efficient Tridharma implementation process in participating in building a civil society.
  5. Improve the management system, quality, and availability of infrastructure, funds, and information systems, to support the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education.
  6. Strengthen the culture of research, and scientific publications, and contribute real works that are beneficial to the community, nation, and state to improve the quality of life and civilization.
  7. Develop partnerships with other higher education institutions, professional associations, industry, government, and local and international communities.


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