Learning System

Learning System


Study Programs within the scope of Trisakti University use a competency-based curriculum that refers to the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI). The level of depth and breadth of learning material for each study program follows the learning outcomes of graduates from KKNI.

Study Load.

Student learning load is stated in the amount of SKS which is a unit of effective learning process time for at least 16 (sixteen) weeks, including the Mid-Semester Examination and the Final Semester Examination. One academic year consists of 2 (two) semesters, ODD and EVEN.

The maximum number of credits allowed to be taken in 1 regular semester plus a remedial semester is 24 credits.

Learning Form

Based on Permendikbud No. 3 of 2020 included in the form of learning are as follows: lectures, responses, and tutorials, seminars and practicum, field practice. In addition, for undergraduate education programs, it is mandatory to add learning forms in the form of research, and community service. This form of learning is delivered using methods including group discussions, simulations, case studies, collaborative, cooperative, project-based, problem-based. The form of learning can be in the form of e-learning. The e-learning program implemented within the scope of Trisakti University is an e-learning program to support the conventional teaching-learning process and is not a distance education program (PJJ).

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