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Rabu, 07 Desember 2022

FEB Students Won Silver and Bronze Medals

Students of Faculty of Economics and Business took part in the International Young Inventors Award – Indonesia Investors Day 2022 which was held in Bali on 29-31 October 2022. The Management Study Program sent 2 teams carrying the theme IoT (Internet of Things) with proposed Smart Home IoT products represented by teams from Excellent Class Aziza Idris Kurniawan (022002001173) and Rininta Andriani Kanissa (022002001140).
Meanwhile, the other team carried a flood control product – Flood Control IoT represented by Sandra Febri Amanda (022001901003), Fanny Permatasari (022001901013) assisted by alumni of the Accounting study program, Siti Quraisin (021141271).

The competition which was attended by 300 representative teams from other countries such as: Russia, Poland, Iran, Canada, Jordan, Turkey, India, Egypt, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and also some domestic participants. FEB students have won a silver medal for Flood Control IoT products and a bronze medal for Smart Home IoT products in the IoT and Apps category.

On a separate occasion, Head of Management Study Program Dr. Sri Vandayuli Riorini, MM said the achievements by the students proved that Management study program were able to implement combination of technological developments with management concepts properly. Deputy Dean III Mr. Abubakar Arif, SE, MM also said that this activity proved that FEB supports student activities in developing student competencies.


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