Extension Class

Extension Class


Becoming an international-leaning undergraduate study program while still attending to local values in developing knowledge in the fields of Development Economics, Management, and Accounting to improve the nation’s quality of life by creating a better quality of life for graduates, becoming professionals and entrepreneurs who are reliable and bureaucrats have integrity and still have the Trikrama Trisakti character.


  • Organizing academic and professional education in the fields of economics, management, and accounting in order to produce human resources who have intellectual abilities, and international standards and are capable of a planned, integrated and dynamic way of dealing with environmental changes and technological transformation.
  • Carry out the application and development of science through scientific research in the fields of economics, management and accounting that can be applied to society for the sake of welfare.
  • Improving the quality of human resources and graduates who excel in the mastery of science, art, culture and technology, upholding dignity, and have an entrepreneurial spirit that is able to adapt to an international environment.



Campus A.
Jl Kyai Tapa No.1
Grogol, West Jakarta, Indonesia.
Telp: 021-5696963, 021-56969006, 0888-09986146

Campus F.
Jl. Jendral Ahmad Yani
Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta, Indonesia
0815-40091350 (Bpk Mutarom)
082121382518 (Ibu Pramudya)

Sentul Campus.
Jl. MH. Thamrin No.57
Citaringgul, Babakan Madang,
Bogor, West Java Indonesia
081314235316 (Bpk. Edoy)
085731352835 (Bpk. Rusfansyah)

Administrative Requirement
Extension Class Diploma 3 to Bachelor

  1. Legalize Copy of the Certificate from Diploma D-III program (2 copies)
  2. Legalize Copy of Academic Transcript Diploma D-III program, With Minimum 2,75 in GPI (2 copies)
  3. Copy of Identification or KTP (2 copies).
  4. Copy of Family Card Identification (2 copies)
  5. Proven of prospective students registered on the Higher Education Database (PDPT) website:: https://pddikti.kemendikbud.go.id
  6. Letter as an employee for those who are already working.

(All of the documents should be put in the yellow folder)

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