Dean’s Speech

Dean’s Speech

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Praise the presence of Allah SWT for all the abundance of His grace and guidance FEB Usakti can continue to play a role in carrying out its mandate in education, research, and community service for Indonesian development.

FEB Usakti in 2019 managed to maintain an “A” accreditation for Development Economics, Management, Accounting, Master Management and “B” Accreditation for Doctoral in Economics Program. In 2020, several study programs at FEB managed to get an ISO certificate which shows that they have implemented education service management with measurable and guaranteed process standards. In addition, the Accounting Study Program is already in Initial Accreditation ABEST21.

To achieve FEB’s vision as an international standard faculty, FEB has been a member of the Association to “Advance Collegiate School of Business” (AACSB) since 2013 and a member of AUN (ASEAN University Network) since 2019. Currently, FEB Usakti obtained an AACSB and AUN accreditation. QA.

The development of the digital economy and the policy of “Independence of Learning: Merdeka Campus” is a challenge in itself, where universities must quickly anticipate changes, adapt the curriculum to the needs of the job market and be oriented towards output and output, create an entrepreneurial spirit, support innovation and creativity to create an environment conducive academic and improve the performance of lecturers and employees.

FEB Usakti with its Regular Program, Excellence Class, International Class, Scholarship Class, and Special Class, continuously strives to improve the academic and non-academic quality of students. Students are given the freedom to take elective courses, mentoring programs for students to participate in research and scientific presentations, visits to industry/companies/state-owned companies, involving students in Community Service programs, etc. FEB is expected to have students with 6C’s character: Critical thinking, collaboration, communication, computational thinking, creativity and compassion.

We invite all stakeholders to jointly create a better FEB USAKTI, and participate in building a Golden Indonesia. Thank you.

Wassalamualaikum Wr Wb
Jakarta, Februari 2020

DR. Yolanda Masnita Siagian, MM.